Formulating a Personal Development Plan

By now you may have found a personal mentor but have you found the time to sit down with him, or even just yourself, to seriously discuss your own personal development plan?

You’re going to spend a ton of time helping your team mates and employees formulate personal development plans to enhance their own careers, and you shouldn’t let your own fall through the cracks. Here are a few things you need to consider when brainstorming your plan:

What are your ultimate goals? Where do you want your career path to take you?

How will you achieve your goals? Do you need to obtain additional training or start working on new projects in order to reach those goals?

How will you evaluate your progress? Will your own manager or mentor monitor you and hold you accountable for your level of success?

Remember, setting goals for the development of your management skills and career is a personal task. Take the project seriously. Come up with your own ideas as opposed to using a generic list of “goals” you’ve found on the internet or on another training website.

Your own supervisors, peers, and even your subordinates may have valuable suggestions for you to use in developing your personal development plan. Make sure you ask for their help or, better yet, make creating a personal development plan into a group project so that you can all help each other at the same time!

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Updated on: 8 October, 2008

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