Get Them To Summarise!

group meetingWhen you have a coaching session with one of your staff, how do you wrap up the session?

Do you give a summary of what was said and who is doing what? Then, do you write the action points in an email or document?

If you do, I recommend that you flip this on it’s head and ask your member of staff to give the summary and to take ownership for the whole process.


Here are 3 good reasons:

1. It encourages ownership. You are not there to wipe their backsides. You are there as a coach and a mentor. It’s “their session” really.

2. It trains the member of staff to really listen all throughout the session. If they know that they are going to do the summary then they will really listen in for that if nothing else!

3. It reduces your workload.

I see all too many managers make the summary, write the action points, follow up on action points – my advice is to STOP this right now.

Create the ownership and enable your member of staff to do this – it will pay big dividends.

Live, love and laugh!

Sean Mc

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