Getting The Best Out Of Training Your Team Members

Are you sending a team member on a training course soon?

Many delegates arrive on courses without knowing the objectives and the main reasons why they are there. You can get a great deal more commitment from your team member who is about to be trained by covering a few bases before, during and after the course, so you can be more sure of the results.


Go through why you have chosen the person to attend this course. What are you hoping they will do differently afterwards? Go through the logistics, so they understand the venue details, any traveling issues, expenses and so on.

Discuss what personal learning objectives the person will have

Confirm the objectives and content of the course, and cover those specific aspects that will mean the most for the person

Cover off any concerns the person may have about the course. Will others from your business be attending or are they the only one? Ensure any fears are dealt with

What benefits will the person gain in the long term? How will it affect their future within the company?

How will the person’s job load be covered while they are away? Confirm you will only contact them in an emergency, or outside the course hours

Arrange a time and date for debriefing after they return. This shows how important you consider their development


Ensure their colleagues know why the person is going on the course and your expectations of them while the person is away

If they contact you or their colleagues while on the course, keep encouraging them to get the most out of it


Arrange to meet as soon as possible after the course, to discuss their action plans and what key learnings have been made

Go through the main points of the course, highlighting any areas that you had planned to cover in your briefing

Consider the action plan that the person made and flesh out the bones of how those plans can be implemented

Discuss how you and their colleagues can support their action plan

Set achievable and timely goals you would like the person to achieve as a result of the course

Discuss if any other members of the team would benefit from similar training

Place the training on their personal records and discuss what further development the person needs

By carrying out these tasks efficiently and professionally, you will show your team members how important you view their development and identify individuals who have the skills and abilities to go far in their roles and career.

Thanks again,


Sean McPheat

Managing Director

MTD Training   

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Updated on: 14 May, 2010

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