How Can You Achieve That Dream Promotion?

Light from doorIf you are the kind of employee that sits around and dreams about being promoted, you need to realise that you shouldn’t passively wait for it, but do something about it.

Although you may believe that recognition from a superior is beyond your control, that is completely wrong.

While your boss does have the power to promote you or not, you have the power to provethat you are worthy of the additional responsibility.

Therefore, follow these three tips to get your dream promotion.

Ask For It – One of the “secrets” of getting a promotion is simply to speak up and ask for it.

While you may be working very hard to prove yourself, your supervisor may be too busy with her own tasks to even think about your possible desires for a promotion.

Therefore, after a reasonable time of working at a position (a year or longer), approach your boss and broach the conversation.

First, make sure to ask for a meeting in advance, and do so in private, as you don’t want to catch your boss off guard.

Second, provide reasons why you feel you are justified for a promotion, and provide proof of your hard work and efficiency.

Chances are, if it’s possible, and you deserve it, your boss may consider giving you a promotion just because you asked.

Become A Team Player – While your boss does directly decide whether to grant you the promotion or not, other members of your staff can play a role.

Therefore, it is extremely important to network with your colleagues, get to know them, and form relationships with them.

A great tip is to pick a senior team member and ask him to become your mentor.

Not only will this relationship provide you with advice on how to move up the corporate ladder, but you will have someone in upper management who will be on your side, helping you along the way.

If you make yourself a true team player who is known for stepping up and helping others, these individuals can speak up to the boss on your behalf.

Assume The Role – If you know the position that you would like, ask yourself what responsibilities that comes with.

Assuming that you wouldn’t be stepping on anyone’s toes, assume the role that you covet.

Once you make yourself indispensable and prove that you are willing to work hard and accomplish more than your job description requires, you will make it easier than ever for your boss to say yes to your promotion.

Getting a promotion doesn’t have to seem like a dream. Use the three tips above to start working your way up the corporate ladder today.

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