How Do You Empower Your Staff?

empowering your staffManagers should make an attempt to empower their staff. Empowering means providing them with the skills and support needed to help them succeed in their profession. Not only does this create employees that are grateful and feel valued on the job, but it also makes for better and more efficient workers. There are a few ways that supervisors can empower their employees, three of which we will present in this article. Extended Training – When you hire someone for a job in your department, you likely look for an individual that is already experienced in the field. Additionally, you may provide training necessary for your specific needs. However, to empower your staff members, it is important to provide extended training so that they keep up to date with the latest trends in the field. This will make them expert in their jobs, and will benefit your company. Furthermore, you will do well with offering your employees to take courses in non-industry related trainings, such as communication, conflict resolution, cultural diversity, and other such classes. These will help them on the job as well, making them better colleagues and subordinates, and better able to get along with others and express themselves. Regular Feedback – Nothing boosts employees up more than regular time spent discussing their strengths and weaknesses with their boss. This is a time where you can point out areas of improvement, and coach the individuals on how to better apply themselves. Individual attention from you will provide mentorship to your underlinks, and invaluable advice from someone who has been in their place. Positive feedback, on the other hand, will raise the staff members self esteem and pride, showing them that they are on the right track. Just as important as it is to help your workers correct their mistakes, it is just as vital to congratulate them on their successes. Promotions – Offering promotions to your employees is the literal interpretation of empowerment. By helping them to succeed in your organisation, and climb up the corporate ladder, you are providing them with growth in their career. Career advancement keeps employees motivated to show their strengths and work hard, knowing that they will be rewarded for their efforts. Promotions are also a great incentive for employee retention; the staff knows that opportunity is available at the current workplace. Employee empowerment should be part of the job description for every good leader. Showing your subordinates that you notice their hard work and helping them to succeed in their roles is essential for a happy workplace. Many thanks Mark Williams Head of Training

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Originally published: 1 April, 2015

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