How The Busy Professional Manages Their Personal Tasks

Man holding digital work life ballIf you are one of the many professionals who barely make it home for dinner, and often spends weekends at the office, you are aware that this lifestyle leaves very little time for personal errands.

However, tasks and responsibilities, such as doctor appointments and shopping, don’t just disappear.

While some spends sleepless nights catching up on personal errands, or use days off to make a trip to the doctor, there are other ways to manage personal tasks for the busy professional, such as:

“Homing from Work”

The website Fast Company coined the term “homing from work” to describe the process of doing personal errands at the office.

There are only so many personal days off that employees have, and only so much time remaining in the day once works is complete, that many workers end up completing personal tasks at work.

While some employers frown on this, the site reports that  according to a recent survey by the digital media company Captivate Network, “taking care of personal needs while on the job leads to better work-life balance.”

The website adds that “when it compared its recent results to the results from a similar survey two years prior, the media company saw an 11% increase in the number of white-collar employees who felt they had a healthy work-life balance, despite a 30% increase in the number of respondents working more than nine hours a day.”

It’s impossible to work for the entire eight hour day straight; aside from taking a lunch break, most employees take a few minutes in between projects to surf the web or check their email.

This is the time that can be used to make a call about a recent bill or to order school supplies for children online.

Flexible Schedule 

While “homing from work” is an excellent solution for some tasks, not all errands can be accomplished from the office.

Attending your child’s school play or going to a doctor appointment, for example, require you to leave the office.

Consider talking to your boss about implementing a flexible schedule where you would be able to set your own hours.

This way, you can accomplish what you need to get done, and catch up with work early in the morning or in the evenings.

Many companies in the UK and around the world are implementing these flexible schedules and seeing the rise in employee satisfaction from the ability of staff to set their own hours.

More and more people are craving more of a work/ life balance, which can be achieved with these two tips. “Homing from work” and creating a flexible schedule will allow all professionals to feel accomplished in both realms of their life.

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