How The Overworked Professional Remains Fit & Healthy

Hand gester and wooden blocks with OKWhen you were younger, you may not have thought about your health.

You likely did not need to exercise because you were running between classes, and on the weekends you may have played rugby with your mates.

However, life has changed for most professionals; instead, you likely spend the majority of your day sitting in your office, and even when you are technically off, you may still be working from home.

Most professionals today report working up to ten-hour days, and that is not confined to a five-day week.

Many people laugh when asked if they have a gym membership, as they often don’t even have the time needed to get a proper rest.

However, it is vital to upkeep your health; even if you work 24/7 it is possible with these tips.

Small Changes

The best way to keep healthy is to constantly be on the lookout for small and simple changes.

For example, consider how you can implement more movement into your busy lifestyle; take the stairs instead of using the lift, bike to the office, walk to lunch.

Any of these three changes will help to keep your heart healthy and also to keep your body moving.

Furthermore, you can consider implementing walking meetings, where you and your team members walk and talk instead of sitting in a conference room.

Another great idea is to start doing easy exercising at your desk or in your office.

Focus On Your Diet

Many managers come home late and leave almost as the sun comes up, so they don’t have the time to prepare healthy meals.

Instead, they pop into a local coffee shoppe for coffee and a pastry, and grab something similar and fast for lunch.

While not having time to cook is a great excuse, there are ways to keep a healthy diet that don’t require much time.

Making a green smoothie in the morning will not only help you keep up with the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables, but will also keep you full and not eating a sugary and fattening pastry.

For those that are really on the clock, purchasing a frozen smoothie kit in the grocery store will only require them to add ice into a blender.

Researching healthy alternatives to your regular lunch spots, or finding a meal delivery plan, will also help you to eat healthy.


Perhaps the most overlooked source of good health, rest, is what is missing in the lives of most professionals.

Even the most avid runners who keep a healthy diet will not be able to keep their immune system working well if they are constantly working.

You require proper rest in order to unwind and de-stress.

Not only is getting eight hours of sleep important, but also getting time when you are awake to concentrate on you, spend time with friends and family, and do things you enjoy, vital.

If you feel you are too busy to do any of that, reevaluate your work style.

Perhaps you need to hire more help, and stop micromanaging?

Doing this should free up your schedule and increase your “me” time to improve your health.

While busy professionals often feel they don’t have time to focus on their health, if their health fails them, they will not be able to work.

Therefore, today is the day to start focusing on yourself by making small changes, eating right, exercising and resting.

Thanks again

Mark Williams

Head of Training and Development

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