How To Design A Job To Motivate People

Richard Hackman and Greg Oldham designed a model that focuses on the notion that certain ways in which a leader designs jobs and projects can be internally motivating to people.

Among other things, they mentioned the following:

* If the manager allows people to tap into a range of skills and capabilities that they have, they are going to be much more motivated than if they only used a narrow range of  skills.

* If the manager gives people the opportunity to work on a whole taks from start to finish, they tend to be more motivated than if they only work on a small piece of it.

* If people understand the benefit of a task and the benefit to the organisation as a whole, they are motivated to see the impact their actions will have.

* If people are given some sense of autonomy, if they are given broad objectives and allowed to choose their own path to get there, they tend to have higher intrinsic motivation.

* If the manager gives clear and immediate feedback, people know they’ve actually met the manager’s expectations and feel motivated in continuing to do so.

This isn’t rocket science, but gives a good insight into the kind of things managers can do to enhance the abilities of their people and identifies why sometimes people don’t bring their motivations to the party. People always thrive in challenging, interesting and meaningful environments, so seek out those opportunities to help your people grow.

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Updated on: 2 August, 2011

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