How To Guarantee Your Employability

Gordon Moore made a statement in 1965 that has become known as Moore’s Law. He stated that the number of transistors in a computer chip will double every two years. This law has past into mainstream business, and we now hear writers talking about how our knowledge of everything is doubling every 18-24 months.

This opens up an interesting debate regarding how it affects management development, especially in regard to how we keep ourselves up-to-date with information and technology, as most things we buy and use today are out of date the moment we start using them.

With this increase in speed, we need to ensure we keep abreast or we will certainly be left behind. Eleanor Baldwin stated that “85% of the new work force will be in the four Information Age areas; High Tech, Environmental Organisations, Health-Care Industries and markets that cater for the Elderly”. As managers continue to speculate about the new opportunities, challenges and uncertainties associated with change, then thriving, surviving or even staying relevant will become a major concern for many.

Maintaining your employability will be an ongoing challenge as you prepare for uncertain times. Reflect on these facts…

* Managers are likely to change their jobs several times in their careers

* Technology will create millions of jobs and eliminate even more

* Staff will be more global and flexible in their working practices

* Lifelong learning will be essential

* Training will be delivered ‘on-demand’

* Organisations will pay for the value of the person, not the job

* Projects will take over from jobs as the driving force behind productivity

So what can you do to guarantee your employability in the future…?

* Be up-to-date with technological advances. There is simply no option. You must know what’s going on or you will become obsolete

* Be mobile. If not physically, in your mind. You must adopt a mentality for mobility, as this will allow your expertise and experience to be more marketable

* Continue to develop your people skills. People with high emotional intelligence will always be in demand. You must be able to motivate and get the best out of people

* Embrace change willingly and enthusiastically. Your attitude to change and your willingness to drive it rather than be a victim of it will make you stand out in employers’ eyes

* Commit to lifelong learning. By standing still, you get left behind. This will help you to become more versatile and valuable to employers. Keep listening to positive CDs and MP3s. Download and immerse yourself in positive influences. You’ll learn so much from people who have been there and done that before you

* Become visible in your business. Network. Build relationships with people of influence inside and outside your industry

* Get yourself a coach.All top performers in business have a personal coach, and yours will keep your eye on the goal and keep you motivated to contribute successfully

* Become known as a valuable team player, with strong problem-solving and decision-making skills

* Become someone who creates your future rather than just waiting for it to happen.That’s the only way you can stay valuable to an employer

The cream always rises to the top, so keep yourself in touch with progress and you’ll be the one headhunted in the future rather than hunting for work.

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 3 September, 2010

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