How To Make People Love Working For You


A strange word to use in business.

Just a thought…if you asked 100 managers how they would respond to this question, what percentage do you think would choose answer D?

“If you had the chance to influence things, would you like your team members to say,

a) I hate working here   b) It’s ok working here   c) I like working here   d) I love working here”



The percentage would probably be very, very high.

So, here’s the big question; how do you actually make people love working for you, engaging them to a high extent?

Well, when asked in surveys, most team workers would probably agree that high salary only helps them go from negative to neutral. If the job stinks, paying higher wages doesn’t reduce the tedium…it only makes working there a little more tolerable.

What people need to help them actually love working at a place are:

a) Opportunities for growth and development

b) An increase in pride and self-respect

c) The feeling they are contributing to the vision, the big picture of the organisation

Growing and developing are part of a person’s psyche for feeling good about themselves. They have a desire to build on what they have and what they potentially could have. If you have team members who sit back and don’t bother or don’t care about anything at work, it’s not because they aren’t motivated….it’s because they don’t have inspirational goals that take them on a journey to where they can achieve something important to themselves.

Pride and self-respect are two qualities people are always seeking. Without them, people feel worthless, useless and with little future to look forward to. By making people feel they are accomplishing something, having a contribution to make, they have build something good inside them.

Knowing the big picture means having a grasp on what the company is trying to achieve. It goes beyond profit-making and empire-building. It includes purpose-driven ideologies that inspire someone to want to give, not for the rewards, but for the sheer joy of what it accomplishes.

These three things will help people recognise their contribution and help them identify what they can do to add some kind of contribution to their community or industry. That’s what makes people enjoy giving of themselves. And it’s what makes people really love going to work.

Many thanks

Mark Williams

Head of Training

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