How To Prepare For Recruiting New Staff

Recruit in haste, repent in leisure! That’s certainly very true when you need new people in your team. When you are looking for a new person, it can be tempting to just place an ad or ask for resumes to be sent in from your favourite job websites. But there’s a better way to plan for new recruits, and a little time well-spent now will reap greater rewards later. Here are some ideas to kick-start your recruitment process: • Make sure you are thoroughly aware of the responsibilities of the position. Ask yourself: what are your expectations of the person? What do you want them to achieve? How will you measure their success? What sort of tasks will they be required to handle? If you are clear on all these objectives, it gives you a head-start in thinking about the type of person you want • Understand the type of person you want. Ask yourself: What knowledge and experience should we require for the position? Is experience more important than talent and creativity, or is it the other way round? What characteristics does the new person need to fit in with the team they will be working with? Answering these questions ensures a good fit with the current team. • Where will you look for them? Your favourite job-hunting websites might be your first port of call, but think about what the new person may be reading and surfing for. Maybe a professional association’s website will offer job adverts. That way, you’re more likely to get your request seen by people who could fill the position. • Prepare well for the interview. Determine the qualities in the person that you are trying to highlight. Are they motivated to take your company forward? Do they have the ability or will they need to be trained up? Will they fit into the team environment? Consider questions and lines of discussion that will get answers to all these strategic questions. • Check the resumes and CV’s again before the interview. Nothing is worse for the candidate than to see the interviewer scanning the CV as they are interviewing! Ensure you’ve done your research on the candidate and prepare to ask questions relating to the information you find. By preparing effectively for the interview, you give yourself a much better chance to recruit the best rather than relying on gut instinct. Thanks again Sean Sean McPheat Managing Director

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Updated on: 17 September, 2010

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