How to Remedy Employee Burnout

So you’ve identified an employee who seems to be on the path to burnout.

What are you doing to do about it?

The simplest answer is to make sure he or she gets a break. Most organisations feel as though making sure their employees are taking their vacation or paid time off every year is enough, but is it really?

Put yourself in the shoes of your employee. Say you have a reduced workforce because of layoffs and an inabiltity to hire more help. Your desk is covered in work because you have to pick up some of the slack. Everyone is just as busy as you are, so when you leave for vacation very little of your work gets reassigned in your absence.

Upon your return to work you are faced with your regular workload PLUS the work that sat while you were away.

That doesn’t sound very relaxing, does it?

I’ve known people who have refused to take vacation simply because they know how terrible their desks will look upon their return.

Finding a remedy for employee burnout means doing a bit more than simply forcing an employee to take a vacation. It means helping him to find ways to more efficiently streamline his workflow or finding ways to redistribute work amongst your entire team. It means making sure everyone gets along, ensuring that everyone is skilled enough to do the work they’ve been assigned, and making sure everyone feels appreciated.

As a manager, can you identify ways in which you can alter your team’s workflow in order to prevent burnout?

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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