IT Services Management

Often times we’ll spend time reviewing our salesmen and customer service representatives, but we forget that the services of those performing strictly internal work must be measured for effectiveness as well.

The IT Services Management assessment, otherwise known as ITSM, was developed to ensure that IT personnel are following a set of best practices just like everyone else. Even the IT systems used within your business need to grow and, as such, the employees in these departments must follow.

The ITSM measures a number of different criteria, including:

• IT availability

• The level of service received

• The capacity to offer service

• Department financial management

• The ability to support change

• Incident management

• Problem management

• Service desk support

This list isn’t all inclusive, but you can see how important the IT department within any organisation really is. Do you have a set of standard criteria for monitoring their effectiveness? If not, it may be time to make a few changes.

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Updated on: 9 October, 2008

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