The Expectations Placed on Leaders

One of the most difficult adjustments a new manager can make is moving from a customer service or team member role into a management or team leader role. The reason? The expectations placed on him or her shift significantly and it is often difficult to adjust one’s mindset to the new tasks at hand.

I’ve found that there are four main “expectations” placed on most leaders. They are:

  • The manager or leader is able to set the direction of the team or group, whether individually or on group projects;
  • The manager is able to focus on the overall expected results and not just the individual tasks to ensure everyone is working towards the same goal;
  • The manager has the skills necessary to influence people who may or may not necessarily agree with his point of view; and
  • The manager has the ability to develop people through training, mentoring, and providing continuing education opportunities.

It’s pretty safe to say that the average manager or leader carries a great deal of burden. If you find yourself in a new management role just relax, breathe, and focus. You wouldn’t have been placed in your position if someone hadn’t already recoginsed these traits in you. Now all you need to do is recognise them in yourself.

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Updated on: 6 May, 2009

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