Making Your Business Management More Effective

Managing your business is a constant and ever-present process. It involves tracking employees, keeping on top of your software, monitoring your marketing, and more. And while the processes currently in place seem to be doing the job just fine, you can make your business management more effective by automating your processes, consolidating your infrastructure, and prioritizing quality communication.

Businessm Management

Process Automation

The first step in making your management efforts more effective is to automate those business processes that lend themselves well to automation. This frees up more of your time to dedicate towards managing your business.

  • Time and attendance software electronically tracks your employees’ schedule, hours, and attendance. It calculates wages and taxes, reduces time and wage errors, approves employee schedule changes and time-off requests, and performs a host of other functions that would otherwise take up a significant number of hours.
  • If your business runs online marketing campaigns as part of your overall marketing strategy, specialized business apps help you automate and monitor your campaigns. Marketing automation lets you keep reaching out to your customers no matter where you are or what you are doing at the time. These apps even help you manage your social media accounts and, with minimal manual intervention, can regularly populate them with compelling content.

IT Consolidation

How many computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones do you use within your business? And how many software programs, hardware, and apps do you have installed on each of these devices? Just managing your business’s tech – with its disparate devices, software, and integration needs – can be a costly and time-consuming job.

For example, on-premise business software is often difficult to manage. It may be installed on one machine, or have to be installed and maintained on several different devices, all of which have different software requirements.

However, if you purchase cloud-based business software, the entire platform is hosted on the service provider’s servers – meaning you can access it anywhere, with any device, no matter what its system requirements are.

  • 48% of organizations that switched to cloud software found that it helped them consolidate their IT infrastructure, and 49% reduced their IT energy usage, according to CDW Cloud Computing Tracking Poll, 2011.

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) technology can make it easier to manage your IT by integrating all of your complex systems into a single interface. VDI enables you to control your virtual applications, devices, and security by managing them through the cloud. You can provide new applications and updates to your employees and their devices more quickly, to manage and update those applications more effectively, and to implement better security measures than those available piecemeal.

Effective Communication

Communication with and between your employees is the number one element of business management. However, a basic telephone system is no longer the answer to successful communication within the office.

Knowing what is best for your employees and making communication more effective will then make business management more effective.

  • Cloud-based workforce management software fulfills much-needed functions such as assigning goals and tasks to workers and providing increased communication between workers and managers.
  • According to Ventana Research, collaboration was considered by 70% of organizations to be the most important tool for workforce management. Besides enabling effective and convenient file sharing, cloud applications can also promote collaboration through web and video conferencing, chat programs, and more. Using your cloud to manage and collaborate with all of your employees – no matter where they are located – can help your business be more effective.

Managing your business takes time and effort. In order to manage more effectively, you should take advantage of tools and processes that free up your time and make business management easier. Automate lengthy processes with the touch of a button, consolidate your IT into one easy-to-modify interface, and look for cloud-based software that makes it easier for you to communicate and collaborate with your employees, partners, and clients.

Guest Blog by Megan Webb-Morgan, Business Writer at, B2B lead generation business. She writes on many topics including business management.

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Originally published: 19 March, 2013