How To Manage Change By Empowering Your Staff

change managementImagine coming to work one day to find that you have been transitioned to work in an entirely new team, have to learn a completely different system to work on or answer to a new boss.

This would be incredibly nerve wracking and would likely prevent you from fully accepting the changes and trying your best to get used to them.

What many bosses don’t realise is that the best way to manage change is not to drop the news as a bomb on their employees, but to empower them to develop skills and attitudes necessary to implement changes.

Learn how to do that with these tips:

Choose Delegates

You can explain the benefits of change to your team members until you’re blue in the face, but the truth is that they may not believe you.

Employees often feel separated from their boss by hierarchy and it may be hard for them to get on the same page as you about goals and changes.

They may believe that although the boss may believe that something is beneficial for the team, it may not be best for their individual needs.

How do you get them on your side? By carefully choosing “delegates” that can help you spread the advantages of the upcoming changes!

Choose a few employees that you believe would be most excited about the innovations, those that your workers like and trust.

If they are first to hear the news, they can help you get the other employees on board faster and more efficiently than if it’s just you trying to do so.

Promote Accountability

What’s the fastest way to get your staffers to implement changes?

Make them accountable!

Instead of micromanaging them every step of the way, standing over their shoulders to see if they do things according to your directions, make them their own bosses!

Come up with things and steps that each individual can be responsible for, which will make your employees feel valued and encourage them to adjust to the changes.

Encourage Instant Feedback

Why does some change stagnate progress rather than foster it?

Because managers don’t develop efficient systems that tackle problems.

This is why some companies simply go out of business when they attempt to franchise, roll out new products, etc.

To empower your employees to help you tackle changes, encourage instant feedback, which would promote them to turn to you if they encounter, issues, problems or simple ways to do things better.

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Mark Williams

Senior Management Trainer and Consultant

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Updated on: 9 January, 2018

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