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Understanding The Change Equation

I’m sure that by now you’ve had at least one employee that seems particularly resistant to change. In my experience, employees and team members are more likely to resist changes that they know nothing about. They had no input in the decision making process and…

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The Spiral of Silence

Have you ever been in a meeting where the topic of conversation turned controversial? It seems as though most people agree with one viewpoint, while only a few have voiced a contradictory opinion, if they’ve said anything at all. These people are keeping silent not…

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The Schamner Change Model

Are you open to change? The Schamner Change Model is an interesting management model that encourages you to dig deep into yourself in order to determine just how adaptable you can be. You’ll find that you must have a open mind, a open heart, and…

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The Business Excellence Model

The Business Excellence Model, also referred to as the EFQM Excellence Model, was designed in the early 1990’s in order to provide a framework to be used when assessing businesses in competition for the European Quality Award. It took me quite a while to understand…

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The Deming Cycle

Management Model Many people get confused as to what the Deming Cycle management model actually is. (more…)

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