Managing Your Sales Teams: 5 Tips for Success

Managing a sales team is a unique task. The job performance of a salesperson is measured much differently than the rest of your office staff, and those on your team may be feeling a different type of pressure due to their pending quotas and goals.

There are five things most salesmen do not do, however, that hold them back from making sales. Incorporate these 5 tips into your management training sessions and you’ll quickly begin to see improvements.

Be Prepared

You should know what your prospect needs before he does. Salespeople tend to ask their clients how they can help, when in reality they should have done enough research to understand this already. Research is key in preparation.

Create a Presentation

No presentation = no sale. Don’t assume, ever, that your client or prospect knows a lot about your product or service. Most will be afraid to tell you if they don’t and certainly won’t want to purchase from you if they don’t understand. Better to give too much information than too little. I hignly recommend conducting separate sales presentation training sessions to foster this essential skill.

It’s Not Personal

Yes, building relationships with your clients is important. No, you do not need to talk about the weather, your kids, or sports every single time you call. It takes time to form a great relationship with a client, but it doesn’t need to be a tedious task. Keep your phone calls polite and friendly but professional at all times.


One of the first sales meetings I attended left me horrified. I was shadowing another salesperson and he spent more time talking about his past history than he did listening to and addressing his clients concerns. Learn to shut your mouth and let your prospects talk. You’ll learn more than you think.

Don’t Abandon Your Customers

Yes, hitting your sales goals is important, but that task will only become more difficult if you neglect your current clients. Make sure you’re providing them with great customer service and they’ll remain loyal clients for a long time.

Make sure your sales team keeps these things in mind as they move forward with their current and new prospects. They’ll have happier customers, gain more referrals, make more sales and, ultimately, be easier to work with!

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Managing Director

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Originally published: 4 December, 2008

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