More Management Myths

Earlier this month I shared some management myths in the hopes they would provide you with a better insight into what its really like to be a manager. Today I’m going to share a few more and hopefully by the time we’re done you’ll understand exactly what management is NOT about.

Management Myth #4 – Managers are Systematic at All Times

Many people believe that managers have a systematic method for communicating information and getting tasks completed but this, in reality, is very far from the truth. Most managers rely less on set standards and procedures and more on their own intuitions. They’re more artful about the decisions they make than scientific.

Management Myth #5 – Managers are Autonomous

Why people believe managers can do everything on their own is a mystery to me. Sure, they’re really good at managing themselves but they, like everyone else, need input and advice from their own superiors as well. No one is perfect – not even the top CEO in your organisation.

Management Myth #6 – Internal Competition is Productive

Some organisations think that internal competitions, pitting managers against managers, is productive and will boost business. It’s better to cooperate with your peers than it is to work against them. Save the competition for your external competitors.

The life of a manager can be difficult at times. Individuals often assume managers have certain skills that they really don’t and its up to you, as the manager, to correct those assumptions. Are you ready for the challenge?

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Managing Director

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Originally published: 2 July, 2009

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