New Time Management Tips

I’m always looking for new and creative ways to teach people how to manage their time properly. Today I’ve got just a few new time management tips for you to consider as you go about your workday.

Planning Unplanned Phone Calls

Alright, you can’t really plan things that are unplanned but you can set aside a specific block of time in your day during which you will return unplanned phone calls. Planned phone calls are those you have previously agreed to or scheduled. Unplanned phone calls are the ones that interrupt you while you are working on other things. The key is to not allow people to interrup you as you work, instead making it a point to return calls when you are actually available and ready to focus.

Stop Saying YES

Those of us in management positions often want to say “yes” to others when asked for assistance and then later find that the tasks we initially thought might be simple are actually more time consuming than we had originally anticipated. Before saying “yes” to a request you should be asking as many questions as you see fit, determing exactly what will be expected of you if you decide to participate in a task. Don’t be afraid to say “No” if you don’t have the right amount of time to dedicate to a project.

Be Challenging

Do you regularly attend “mandatory” meetings in which higher-ups hash the same information over and over again? Maybe they call you together regularly to simply delegate work. Are these things that could easily be handled by memo or email instead of through the use of a time-wasting meeting? Challenge those above you and make sure those meetings are actually “immediate and urgent” before they’re labeled “mandatory.”

Are you ready to take control of your time? Incorporate these time management tips along with some of the others you’ve already learned and you’ll soon find you have taken control of your life back!

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Updated on: 12 November, 2009

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