The Non-Secret Formula That Makes A Great Manager

A Business Person Is WritingIf you are reading this article, it means that you are interested in improving your leadership skills and have taken the first step to becoming a great manager.

There are so many conflicting pieces of advice when it comes to improving managerial skills that individuals come to a loss on where to start.

Courses may be helpful, but they tend to be costly.

Textbooks can present management theories, but few managers have the time to read them.

When it comes down to it, one non-secret formula may be all that you need to become a great manager.

That formula is:

Empathetic Leader + Empowered Team Members = Positive Corporate Culture

Let’s break that down to see what each part of the formula means:

Empathetic Leader

This type of manager always keeps it at the forefront of their mind that they are working with real, live people.

This may be hard to remember when there is an important deadline approaching or one of the colleagues has made a large error.

It’s easy to get mad when a coworker calls in sick before a big presentation or when they use personal excuses to explain why they came in late.

However, the best leaders understand that people are just people—they are constrained by physical, mental and emotional limitations, meaning they can only work so much at a certain time.

They are also committed to their family members and friends, and they must have a good work/ life balance.

Although the manager won’t baby their team members or allow them to misuse their trust, they show them empathy to get them through tough times and patience to help them in the areas they need.

Empowered Team Members

A manager is nothing without their team, and in ordered to create a cohesive team unit, the manager and the individuals must work together.

First, the manager must have the skills to motivate their employees so that they are able, willing and ready to work.

They must provide them with the tools, equipment, skills and help they need to master their craft.

They must motivate them with small rewards, compensation and the recognition of their hard work to keep them wanting to do their best.

Positive Corporate Culture

When an empathetic employer is coupled with empowered employees, the result is a positive, happy and productive corporate culture.

It is one where the people are excited to come to work, and are ready to accomplish their tasks.

The members of the team like each other, respect one another and have the skills to work together efficiently.

Thanks again

Mark Williams

Senior Management Trainer and Consultant

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Originally published: 1 March, 2018

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