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Poor Managers

We train thousands of managers each year and every now and again we come across the “know all” I am sure you know the type! Those managers who reckon they do not need any training, that “you can’t teach me anything” (more…)

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Management v Leadership

So what’s the difference between management and leadership? We get this question on almost every management training course that we run! (more…)

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360 Degree Appraisals

How 360 degree feedback appraisals are counter productive if completed in the wrong way. 360-degree appraisal refers to taking feedback on an employee from all those who are acquainted with him and the kind of job that he does. Typically, performance feedback was considered to…

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Vision Communications

Why communicating the vision of top leadership is necessary Vision is crucial for an organisation, even more than it is for an individual. Communicating the vision of the top leadership is absolutely necessary. Why is it so? There are several reasons which contribute to the…

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Small Idea Power

We have just been running some creativity and continuous improvement workshops for a company and I thought I would give you a nudge to think about how you too can improve your team and business. (more…)

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Time Management

Managing your time effectively is one of the most important skills that you can master. A lot of people ask me for tips and techniques to squeeze more out of their day and I would always recommend that you take stock and audit how and where you…

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