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Meeting with prospects

5 Steps To Motivating Your Team By Identifying Problems

Meeting with prospectsSolving team problems is a key skill for you as a manager to develop. They will be looking to you for guidance when problems occur, following your example and following your direction, especially if there are areas that they have no control over. Learn More

shake hands

4 Tips for Preparing for an Appraisal

shake handsA while back I wrote to about the best ways of preparing for an appraisal. Today I’d like to expand on that by adding a few additional items that will help the appraisal process to run a bit smoother.
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Long Hours Equal Increased Chance Of Heart Attack, Study Shows

I found the article about workers’ health this week really interesting. A new study has found that office workers in England significantly increased their chances of having a heart attack by working more hours than their peers.

The study, conducted by researchers at University College London, found that employees who regularly worked 11-hour days or longer were 67 percent more likely to develop heart disease than those who worked seven- or eight-hour days.

One U.S. expert said many factors could account for the rise in risk among those tied too long to the office. Learn More

Leadership concept and brainstorm

5 Steps To Choosing An Appropriate Leadership Style

Leadership concept and brainstormOn our Management Open Courses, we often find the most interesting discussions revolve around the section on Leadership styles, because many people have heard about them but haven’t really learned enough about them to build their knowledge and awareness of how to change styles when necessary.

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Business woman meditating at desk

7 Ways To Maintain Self-Control In Stressful Situations

Business woman meditating at deskBy building emotional intelligence, it is possible to decide how to deal with stressful scenarios without losing your self-control.

Stress is often something driven from outside influences, so the way to deal with it is often through understanding how you react to stress and deciding what you want from the situation. Learn More

8 Ways To Encourage Continual Learning And Development

The only way to lay the foundtion for success in your and your team’s future is by constant commitment to continual learning and development in your field of expertise and beyond.

But how can you encourage all your team to be their best and spend time on this most vital of skill development?

Here are some tips to enable you to be on top of your game and motivate others to share that philosophy too:

1) Encourage your team to value, pursue and utilise knowledge, skills and new technologies: Most of what you learned five years ago is now out of date. If you don’t continually learn new ideas, you fall behind those who do.

2) Take advantage of any in-company training programmes, night classes, university lunch and learns and professional organisations’ educational offerings. Look on their websites to keep aware of what is being offered. Contact your local college and see what new stuff they are teaching, either for free or low-cost.

3) Subscribe to newsletters, magazines, ezines and communications that are in your field. Copy snippets to read later when you have time.

4) Network with affiliates and colleagues in your field and keep them up to date with new ideas in your field, so they will do the same for you.

5) Survey and visit customers to find out current and future needs that your business can supply.

6) Watch your competition for new products and services they are developing so that you are up to speed with what is going on in your industry

7) Borrow, buy or start a library of business and personal development CDs. Share these around the team, learn from them, then have 10 minutes sessions updating each other with what you have learned in your spare time or on your way to work in the car or on the train.

8 ) Become ‘industry-watchers’ so you can, as a team, develop knowledge of the latest developments in your fields, and so share that expertise throughout the department.

There are many ways to become expert in your field, and a commitment to continual learning and development is just the start.

Thanks again


Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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4 steps

4 Step to Successful Team Coaching

4 stepsCoaching has long been seen as the best way to progress your team’s skills and talents. If you’ve ever been coached effectively, you will know the great effect it can have.
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communication barrier

7 Ways To Overcome Barriers To Communication

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Communication barriers exist all around us. Misinterpretations abound in our discussions with team members. We delete, distort and generalise information in every conversation. And yet we think we clearly understand what others are saying and why they are saying it.

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Thanks again


Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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