The Impact of Poor Customer Service

So many corporations focus on sales and I’m often left to wonder if they care as much customer service as they do about making the sale. Early in my career I worked several customer service jobs and was surprised to hear clients ask, out loud, if anyone cared about them after they sent in their first payment.

Truth be told, customer service should be as important as the sale itself. As a matter of fact, I think quality customer service should be more important to an organisation than sales. Here’s why:

  • Nine out of ten of your customers will not tell you if they are unhappy. Instead they’ll quietly find another provider and disappear.
  • More than 75% of your customers are ready and willing to pay more for a product if it means they’ll get better customer service.
  • It costs four times more to attract a new customer than it costs to retain a current customer.

These factors should be the driving forces behind everything your customer service team aims to accomplish. Keeping your customers happy is easier than you think and, in the long run, costs much less than advertising your products in order to attract new faces.

Communicate with your clients regularly and make sure they’re happy. Take the time to work with your customer service team and make sure your employees are doing their jobs properly.

The results will be apparent when you review your company’s bottom line.

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

MTD Training   

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Updated on: 7 April, 2009

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