The Product S Curve

There are dozens of marketing and management models available for businesses to choose from today. One I find most interesting is the product S-curve model, which became prominent in the 1970s after it wa sapplied in the field of technology.

Of course, you don’t have to be in a technology-oriented business in order to apply the product S-curve to your product or service. The curve is basically used to make evaluate the value of both the research and development of a product in comparison to how productive the product would actually be. In short, it’s used to determine if you’re going to waste your money on the development of a product that has no market value.

The S-curve is frequently used to pinpoint the best time to introduce a product to the market as well. It measures the available market and how long it would take to penetrate a reasonable percentage of the market before reaching a saturation point.

Having a great product idea is one thing, but knowing how to produce it and  then launching it at the right time is an entirely different beast. Have you ever applied the product S-curve in your marketing and development studies? Please share your ideas!

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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