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The Buying Facilitation Method

Sharon Drew Morgen is perhaps one of the most well known advocates for selling techniques in today’s society. Her concepts have earned her wide recognition both in Europe and the United States and has done a lot to change the way salesmen think about buying and selling.

Morgen’s theory is known as Buying Facilitation (R). Her book talks, in short, about why buyers refuse to buy and why sellers aren’t good at selling. She then outlines what you need to do in order to manage the chaos associated with the buying and selling process.

A few examples include:

  • A salesman helping the buyer understand their own systems and why they need to change.
  • A salesman helping a buyer understand that not all change results in chaos.
  • The seller has to help the buyer see the larger (macro) viewpoint instead of only the smaller, immediate picture. If he can do this, he’ll be able to show the buyer that the new system or product is worth using despite the initial hardship associated with implementing a change.
  • The seller is able to act as an adviser to the buyer, helping him to meet his exact goals as they apply to buying.

These are just a few examples of the items detailed in Morgen’s Buying Facilitation(R) Method. Sadly, she doesn’t make much of her work available to the public so in this instance I’d have to recommend you take a look at her book, Buying Facilitation, or visit Sharon Drew Morgen’s website. If you’re in sales, or working as a sales manager, I’m pretty sure you’ll find it to be an easy and useful read.

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Managing Director

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