The Schamner Change Model

success to failureAre you open to change?

The Schamner Change Model is an interesting management model that encourages you to dig deep into yourself in order to determine just how adaptable you can be. You’ll find that you must have a open mind, a open heart, and a open will in order to see results.

It’s often difficult for us to let go of our past habits and patterns so that we can then change and grow. I know that as a younger manager I had a more difficult time with change than I do now. I wasn’t as experienced then, and I thought everything had to be done the way I was taught the first time, with no deviation from the rules or “norm.”

You have to start by suspending your beliefs – this doesn’t mean admitting they were wrong, but simply putting them on the shelf for a moment so that you can examine your new system with a fresh outlook. You’ll then have to spend some time reviewing the new system and applying your knowledge to it while slowly letting go of your old beliefs enough to see the results of the new system crystalising before your eyes.

Eventually, you’ll be able to look at the new, changed system or management model with a clearer vision that allows you to look further into the future. You’ll begin working the new changes into your daily routine and, eventually, they’ll become a part of your new “normal” workflow.

Change isn’t always easy to handle, especially for those of us in management positions. We have to learn to embody the changes in our organisations so that we can effectively present them to our teams. This doesn’t mean giving up on our old ways, but simply being open to the new ones.

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Updated on: 16 September, 2008

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