A Closer Look at the Scope of Management

Often times when we discuss management we immediately begin to think of profit-seeking organisations, but truth be told there are quite a number of situations in which effective management is necessary. These can be broken down into two main categories: the aforementioned profit-seeking group or the not-for-profit group.

Profit seeking organisations include large businesses, small businesses, and even start-up businesses. Each has a unique set of management needs, but if you’re looking for a role model you should start by taking a closer look at some of the larger organisations in your area. They’re obviously doing something right from a management perspective. If not, they wouldn’t exist today.

Small businesses have crucial management needs as well. While you might regard management skills as less important in a very small setting, they’re actually more important. A bad business decision made for a large corporation may result in a loss but a mistake made by a small business may be devastating, even resulting in closure.

Non-profits require management as well. Just because they aren’t out to make a million dollars doesn’t mean there aren’t rules and procedures to be followed and implemented. Most non-profits still have a staff of employees and proper management is essential. Examples of non-profits include your local government organisations (though I suppose many would argue this point), educational organisations (your public schools), and healthcare facilities. You will also find management needs in less traditional settings, such as your local college fraternity, within organised crime groups, or in your local church.

Keep in mind that proper management and leadership skills are a huge part of everyday life almost everywhere you go, even in your own home. Start looking at the overall scope of management and you’ll begin to see how you can apply certain management principles to your everyday life in order to achieve your goals!

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Updated on: 9 December, 2008

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