A Simple Guide To Coaching Employees Successfully

CoachingManagers often wear many different hats at the job. Not only do they have to manage their own workload, but they need to also track the work of their underlings.

A great manager takes it upon him or herself to coach employees to be the best they can be. However, not all supervisors are good coaches. The good news is that these skills can be learned, and managers should start training in how to be good coaches with this guide.

Believe In Employees

The most important aspect to keep in mind when attempting to coach employees is remembering to believe in them. If you don’t think that the individuals are able to properly do their jobs, or don’t have any motivation to grow in the company, you will not be a successful coach. You must truly believe in every single one of your employees, and trust that with some coaching they will improve in their job functions and thrive in the organisation. Your internal beliefs about each candidate will influence how good of a coach you are.

Give Career Tips

There are those supervisors out there do not like to help their team members climb up the corporate ladder. Either they are threatened by the success of others, or they simply do not care enough to help someone else. A great coach strives to aid their employees to succeed at their jobs. They know that how well their staff does at work speaks volumes about themselves as managers. So, take the time to pass on the wisdom you have learned about how to succeed at work to those that work for you.

Give Feedback

Aside from advising your employees what they need to do to succeed in their professional roles, you should also provide regular feedback. This will give your staff a chance to get your opinion on their work and attitude on a regular basis. Those that do well will be happy to hear that you recognise their efforts and those that need to improve will benefit from your advice on how to do so.

Reward Good Work

Aside from taking the time to provide regular feedback, also make sure to reward those individuals that strive to work hard. A great coach makes sure his or her staff knows the supervisor prizes good workers and those that go above and beyond for the department and organisation. Make sure to not only praise quality employees, but provide bonuses or other rewards. However, the most important reward you can give to an employee is a promotion. This will show your entire staff members that if they follow your training and advice, they too can grow in the company.

Great managers know that the success of their staff speaks volumes about their aptitude as the boss. Therefore, they take the time to coach their staff members to help them succeed in the company.

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Originally published: 10 November, 2014

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