Some People Are Leaders And Others Are Followers

That’s just the way it is! Some people seem to take to leadership and managing others like a duck takes to water.

Others need to be guided and told what to do. Now if you get a “follower” in a “leaders” position then this can cause problems!

All too often I see members of staff doing a great job and then they get promoted on the back of their performance.

Note, they get promoted based upon how THEY do the job.

Not their management potential.

Not whether they will be an inspirational leader.

Not whether they will be able to drive the business forward.


The decision is made on their ability to do their current job. Either they are the best at what they do or they have a high profile in the company.

And this is a bad mistake! Just because someone can sell or manage better than others does not mean that they can lead and motivate others to do so. It’s a different skill altogether!

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Sean McPheat

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Updated on: 14 September, 2009

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