Stress Management at Work: Task Management

To wrap up this recent series on stress management we’ll pick up where we left off and take a look at how task management impacts the amount of stress you feel at work. We’ve already covered time management and some of the ways you can use it to feel better, so how can you shuffle your actual workload?

Task management means being able to complete projects effectively and efficiently. Someone feeling completely stressed out and overworked may not feel as though those things are possible, but they are.

Start by prioritizing your tasks for the day. Decide which ones are more important and put them at the top of the list. If there is a task you dread, put that at the top of the list as well. It’s better to get it out of the way early than to let it linger over your head all day.

Look at your larger projects and decide whether or not it is possible to break them down into smaller subprojects. Work on one subproject at a time until the entire task is complete.

Here it is again, folks – delegation. You are not responsible for completing every single project you encounter on your own. Use your authority as a manger to delegate some of your responsibilities to the appropriate members of your team. That’s why they were hired, isn’t it?

Properly handling the tasks you must tackle daily will also make a huge difference in the way you are able to handle stress at work. You may want to be a superman but it’s really not necessary!

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Originally published: 30 March, 2009

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