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adapting to change

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Pulp Fiction Or Fact? Is It ‘The End’ For Paper?

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I would hate to be a leader in the publishing industry these days. Most magazines already have a digital format but how long do you go before stopping your paper versions altogether? Learn More

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This Is Why Change Is So Hard

same changeIn ‘The Heart of Change’, John Kotter and Dan Cohen report on a study they conducted with Deloitte Consulting. Having interviewed over 400 people from more than 130 companies, they hoped to understand why change happens in large organisations.
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Why You MUST Adapt to Change

change aheadTruth be told, there are only three types of organisations that exist today. They include:

  • Organisations that have the power to make things happen;
  • Organisations that sit back and watch things happen; and
  • Organisations that are oblivious and wonder what happened.

The main difference between these three types of organisations is their ability to adapt to change. It’s really a very simple concept. Learn More