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advanced communication skills


Improving Communication In Your Organisation


If communication is a key life skill then effective communication must be the key skill of life!
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How To Persuade and Not Manipulate

As a manager, you need to sell. That is, selling a picture to all who will listen of what the future could be. You are, effectively, persuaders of a vision.

Of course, there’s a great distrust today of leaders because of their motives, broken promises and misguided decisions. So how do you persuade others without manipulating? How do you become a persuasive leader? Here are some ideas: Learn More


Two Different Types of Communication – Which Do You Display Most Often?


When you communicate with someone, your style will depend on the purpose of the conversation, your intention behind it and what results you actually expect. Learn More

4 comms

Communication Skills Masterclass – Part 4

4 commsOur last part of our Communication Skills Masterclass highlights how to be the type of communicator that people remember…for the right reasons!

Many people assume that because they have spoken, the other person has heard them, interpreted them correctly and understood them. Well, remember that the quality of our communication is judged by the response we receive. So if the other person does not respond in the way we envisaged, the first question we need to ask is, was my communication as clear as it could have been? Learn More


5 Ways to Ensure Everyone Understands Your Communication

confusionTake a moment and write down what you think I mean when I mention the word ‘Quality’.

Go on, get a pen and write down your definition of the word.

Now do the same for the words ‘Customer satisfaction’. Learn More

knowledge power

How To Understand People Better

knowledge powerThe feedback we receive from our Advanced Communication Skills course is just awesome. This is because it goes beyond the normal communication techniques that you use on any other course. Learn More

The Different Types of Organisational Control

Now that we’ve established how important it is to recognize organizational control, let’s take a closer look at the types of control that occur within the workplace.

To start, there are four main categories that control falls into:

  • Physical control – the amount of inventory you have on hand, your quality control guidelines, and how well your equipment and facilities are maintained;
  • Human control – including human resource functions such as placement, training, benefits, and appraisals;
  • Information control – considers how well you can analyze sales trends, your ability to track the economy, and public relations; and
  • Financial resource control – which involves avoiding debt, managing cash reserves, and paying bills,

These categories aren’t presented in any specific order, but perhaps it’s important to note that without proper financial control you won’t be able to organise any of the other areas on the list. Financial control is the foundation for any successful business. Learn More