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Anger Management

Angry business woman

The 4 Best Anger Management Tips

Angry business womanYour peace of mind is a terrible thing to waste!

That may not be exactly how the original saying goes, but surely no one will disagree with this updated one.

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How To Keep Calm When An Employee Messes Up

Business woman keeping calm at deskAs a manager, your employees’ wins are your wins, but also, their fails are also your fails.

It can be extremely frustrating when your employee makes a mistake, especially if you feel that they should have known better.

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The 5 Things Managers Don’t Know about Anger Management

Notepad with Anger Management writtenOf all the skilled valued in an effective leader, anger isn’t one of them.

It may be hard to control your emotions and stay calm in a situation that makes you want to scream or punch a wall.

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How To Effectively Deal With Your Anger At Work

one caucasian business womanNobody likes to be angry, which is especially true in a professional setting.

Losing your temper at work can quickly turn ugly, with you saying things you don’t mean, yelling or simply walking out. Learn More

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How Managers Keep Their Cool In Stressful Situations

Sometimes it is underestimated how stressful the role of a manager can be.

With staff needing assistance, coordinating and having your own workload to worry about, it can be hard to keep your head in these situations. Learn More

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3 Quick Tips On Managing Anger In The Office

Frustrated man punching laptop screen

Stressful situations happen all too frequently at the office. A customer may be incredibly pushy, asking for things that simply cannot be done. Learn More


Does an Emotionally Intelligent Manager Ever Get Angry?


On one of our courses on Emotional Intelligence, the question came up “Does an Emotionally Intelligent manager ever get angry?

Do you think being angry shows a weakness on your part? Even if you feel angry, does that mean you should bottle up your emotions and not show any signs of it, so you always come across as calm, collected and rational? Learn More

anger management

5 Reasons to Run an Anger Management Course

anger managementWe’ve talked about anger and the importance of properly managing it in the past. The truth is that everyone is going to get angry while at work at least once during the course of his career. Everyone will handle that anger differently but there are a few who will have no idea how to appropriately respond to anger – especially in a formal environment. While throwing things around or yelling may work in the privacy of your home, it simply doesn’t fly in the work environment. Learn More

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Anger Mismanagement

angry managerMismanagement. That’s a strange way of thinking about anger, in’t it? Every single one of us will, at some point, become angry with another person or situation. When we begin to feel that anger rise up we have to decide how to control (or mange) it – but we have a choice. We can use our anger positively or mismanage it, thus causing us to act out in rage. Learn More

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More Anger Management Tips

Success tipsAnger is a natural human reaction to a difficult situation. Humans use anger to convey a change in attitude and to signal others to modify their behavior or suffer the consequences, whether that consequence be in the form violence, loss of job, or some other punishment. Learn More

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Anger Management Techniques

woman in redAnger creeps up on even the best of us. The real question is whether or not you have the tools to control your anger so that it doesn’t begin to negatively impact your work. Today I want to share a few techniques for you to implement in your daily life in the hopes that you will be better able to control your emotions in the workplace. Learn More

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Never Lose Your Temper

angerTom had been working on a major project for two weeks, carrying his laptop between his home and the office and putting in countless hours of overtime. The report he was working on was likely the most important of his career thus far – his boss had never assigned him and his team a project of such magnitude before this one.
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