Body Language 101: The Mouth

mouthTo wrap up the week I’m going to talk a little bit about your mouth and how it pertains to body language. Your mouth gives away a myriad of incredibly signals but very few people realize, or have control over, the movements they make with their mouths. Learn More

Body Language 101: The Eyes

eyeWe’re going to continue our study of body language by taking a close look at the eyes. The eyes play a huge role in an individual’s ability to express himself. They send several different non-verbal cues and if you know how to read the eyes you’ll be better able to anticipate the needs of your employees and clients alike. Learn More

What is Body Language?

body langWhat exactly is body language? Body language is a culmination of a variety of factors that describe the way you carry, move, or hold your entire body. The way you choose to move your body says a lot about how you feel or what you are thinking at any given time. Learn More