Make These Five Investments to Enhance Your Career

Why invest in your career? Simple. Because you are the only person who will take it seriously.

Your boss and company may ‘say’ they are interested in you and provide lots of opportunities for you to advance; but if you don’t take them up, will they spend time trying to convince you? No, it’s all down to you, buddy, and, believe me, it’s no laughing matter. Learn More

15 Things a Manager Won’t Say On Their Deathbed

We go through life sometimes with our heads spinning, and often feel like a hamster on one of the wheels in a cage. We climb the ladder of success, rung by rung, step by step, only to find when we reach the top that it’s been leaning against the wrong wall.

When you look back over your managerial career, what will you say? What will you see? I often discuss this question with managers I meet and am surprised by the similarities in thought.

Most say they never think how their career is going until they are in a crisis, or something dramatic happens to change their perspective.

Just for fun, I’ve listed here 15 things a manager won’t say when they come to the end of their career. See if any resonate with you, and see if you can add to the list.

I wish I’d spent more time at the office

I’m glad I spend $97 on that e-book so I could get the $497 worth of freebies


Setting for average performance made me feel better and less stressed

Surfing the net was much more productive than reading about leadership

• Those poor hiring decisions were all the fault of HR

• I’m glad I left my personal development choices down to others

• Motivating my team was a waste of time. They should have been able to motivate themselves. After all, I paid them enough

• Exit interviews? What’s the use?

• Emotional intelligence is just a fad for people who aren’t intelligent in other ways

• There was no way I could have delegated to THAT team! It was much better for me to do it my way. Then, it was done the RIGHT way!

• Hertzberg was wrong. People ARE only motivated by money, and there’s no amount that will please them

• I’m glad I spent time on the urgent stuff. Then my boss could see I was indispensible. The really important stuff could wait until the urgent stuff was done

• My team had nothing to say, so why should I have listened to them?

• Helping people to think my way, was much better than helping them think for themselves

• Personal goals are for people who need guidance and support. Strong leaders go their own way one step at a time

I’m sure you can add to the list, so send me your ideas and I’ll collate them for a future post.

Remember, you’re the only one in charge of your career. Don’t allow your boss or the company to dictate where you take your career. Create your own future, then you won’t look back with regret or disappointment.

Thanks again


Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Your Personal Development Can Ensure Career Success

So it’s the new year and it’s a good opportunity to take stock of where you are now and where you want to be in 12 months’ time.

Many people shun new year resolutions because they normally are made without any planning and last for only a short time. But there is something you can resolve to do that will make a real difference to your year and last a lot longer than an ill-thought-out, quick resolution.

The best thing you can do this year is look after your own career prospects.

Why is that? Because you can be totally in control, you get to choose the direction and you get to see the results.

This year, take a good look at the direction your job is taking you. As yourself:

“Have I got to where I hoped to in my career progression? Have I achieved what I have set out to do? What direction can I plan for 2011 to take me?”

This could imply long-term planning, and that’s sometimes better than planning to lose weight or give something up. It requires you to take stock of where you are now, where you want to go and what the rewards will be for it.

There is a saying that goes; “In one, three or five years, you will end up somewhere. The question is, is it where you want to be?”

You can control the direction you end up going. It’s your career, your future. Now is a good time to make those plans for your own personal development and ensure they end up going in the direction you want. Plan immediately for how you’re going to make this year a successful one for you and your team.

From myself and my team at MTD; A very happy, prosperous, safe and successful 2011.

Thanks again


Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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Building Career Plans

Gone are the days where employees will interview for a job, earn a position, work for 20 years, and then retire from the same place.  More often than not, employees are changing careers within a few years. Some stay with the organisations they started out with while others leave altogether.

One of the reasons employees leave is because they feel as though they’re stuck. Often employees not already on a management track feel as though there is no where else to go, or no way to earn additional income, without finding a new job. In some cases this may be true, but in most a bit of advance planning is all that is needed to solve the problem.

Whether or not your company regularly promotes from within is something many new employees wonder about. While it’s certainly not feasible to plan someone’s career path from day one through retirement in advance, it is reasonable to sit down and explain what additional training and experience is necessary for advancement later on. An employee with goals is more likely to remain happy and focused.

Do you have a plan for working with new employees to determine their goals and career paths? If not, you should consider implementing one. Employees who feel as if they have a clearly defined path are more likely to give you their best efforts as opposed to those who feel as though they’re just reporting for a “job” each day.  How do your employees feel?

Thanks again,


Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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