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7 Things Successful Managers Never Say

How do you measure success?

This is a question that’s been discussed so very often in various settings? Do we mean successful in life in general? Successful in output and production? Successful in prosperity? Health? Financial abundance? Happiness? Learn More


How To Deal With Workplace Communication Overload


Technology can be a wonderful thing when it makes life easier. Unfortunately in workplace communication, technology has in some ways made it harder by providing too much. One of the many challenges managers now face is the amount of communication they are expected to deal with. Read on to learn some key techniques to reduce the communication overload. Learn More


Being Powerfully Positive…The Can-Do Attitude


Many of the comments we get on our courses revolve around the way that people communicate with each other at work. Sometimes people can be pretty hard to each other, and relationships can be strained at best, destroyed at worst.

People want you to provide answers to questions, perform certain tasks, want to know when something will get done…the list goes on and on. Everyone has expectations, requests, demands, enquiries and such-like that make up a daily routine at work. Much of how you manage and meet these expectations ties into how you communicate with others. Communication starts by understanding how to use language in its most powerful and positive form. Learn More


Improve Your Management By Active Listening

improvementIn a previous blog, we discussed the benefits of listening effectively, a communications skill highly prized in all business settings. By improving our listening skills, we prove ourselves knowledgeable and create excellent rapport with the person we’re speaking to. Learn More