How To Stand Out And Gain Recognition At Work

Millions of people go to work every day, do their jobs, go home at night and drift off to sleep knowing that the next day will be a repeat of the last. They don’t make any difference, they don’t create very much and their lives just pass them by, without them making any impact in the big scheme of things. Learn More

When Was The Last Time You Sharpened Your Saw?

One of my long-time gurus died suddenly this summer.

Dr Steven Covey has been an inspiration to me with his writings, his speeches and his ideas for many, many years. He has affected and inspired many millions and his passing was a great shock for all. Learn More

The Key to Professional Excellence

What is it that sets the excellent apart from the rest? What drives the best managers to improve themselves and achieve a level of performance that exudes confidence and builds respect? Learn More