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effective communication skills

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Barriers To Effective Communication Skills – Video Blog

As a manager, it is so important to be able to communicate effectively with your team. Most managers will have great communication skills, but there are some barriers that you need to be aware of that can actually prevent you from being able to communicate with and instruct your team effectively – so let’s find out what these are.

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Communication Skills Masterclass – Part 4

4 commsOur last part of our Communication Skills Masterclass highlights how to be the type of communicator that people remember…for the right reasons!

Many people assume that because they have spoken, the other person has heard them, interpreted them correctly and understood them. Well, remember that the quality of our communication is judged by the response we receive. So if the other person does not respond in the way we envisaged, the first question we need to ask is, was my communication as clear as it could have been? Learn More