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Feedback skills


How to Give Feedback that Really Works


Giving feedback is one of the most under-rated forms of communication in management. If you don’t give quality feedback, or do it too seldom, you are, in effect, instituitionising mediocrity within your workplace. Learn More


How To Encourage Feedback From Others

feedbackOne of our communication courses includes a section on obtaining feedback from your staff, and this is an area that many managers have concerns with. They feel that their staff hide their real feelings and are afraid to offer any form of feedback in case they say the wrong things or invite trouble because of disagreeing with ideas that have been put forward by you, the boss. Learn More


The SIMPLE Model For Feedback

Here’s a good model to remind you of the best way to give feedback to a team member. Following it should be quite SIMPLE, as that is the acronym used to help you remember it: Learn More


Improve Your Feedback Skills

evaluationIt’s easy to give good feedback to your staff. You enjoy it, they enjoy it, you both get a lot of good feelings from it.

What if the feedback is not so good? How do you deal effectively with a situation where the team member needs less-than-positive feedback? Learn More