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improving your memory

Improve Your Memory

4 Quick Tips On How The Busy Professional Improves Their Memory

Improve Your Memory

Do you find it difficult to juggle personal and professional responsibilities?

Do you have to log into your computer in the middle of dinner because you forgot to answer an important email? Learn More


Remembering Names and Faces

Address Book

Isn’t it frustrating? You have just been introduced to someone, they have told you their name and it goes in but doesn’t stick.

Then comes that embarrassing moment when you have to ask the person to repeat their name. Wouldn’t it have been better if you knew the person’s name, could remember it with ease and use it again in the future? Learn More

head jigsaw

Ways To Improve Your Memory


It’s strange how we remember things that are important to us and forget things that are not. Or is it sometimes the other way round for you?

When you forget something, actually the memory hasn’t left you; you simply are unable to retrieve it because your long-term memory has two major components. Learn More