How To Inspire When You Are Just Giving Out Information


Managers recognise the need to inspire and energise their people to perform at their best and hit their potential. However, if all you’re doing is passing out information or topping up their knowledge with data, how can motivation or inspiration play even a small part in the communication?
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Managing Communication And Information Through Push And Pull

Not so long ago, the era of broadcast media was when information was pushed on us. We had little choice on what we saw or experienced when we were watching training videos…whatever was on the film or in the book, we had little input or reply to. This was known as the era of ‘push’ communication. Learn More

Controlling the Information You Receive

As a manager you’ll find you’re regularly subjected to a plethora of valuable information on a regular basis. What’s important to your company, however, is how that information is handled. Information goes through three main phases:

  1. Information is gathered and enters the work environment
  2. Information is reviewed and used
  3. Information leaves the organisation

Let’s say, for example, you are developing a marketing plan for a new product. The first thing you need to do is gather information about the market, but you need to ensure that the information you are gathering is relevant to the project.

This information will then need to be sent to others within your organisation as they work to actually develop the product. You’ll have to make sure each piece of data remains accurate, updating it as often as necessary and making sure that the appropriate staff members have access.

Finally, information will begin to leave the organisation. You may begin developing tests for your products, leaking press releases, and advertising the product itself. The timing of this release is essential to ensure your competitors don’t have enough time to react before you make your product launch.

The way you control the information that is used in your workplace is essential to your success. This is another reason why you need to carefully screen new job applicants, as you need to be sure they will respect the privacy of your company as you develop new products, services, and marketing plans.

Do you have control of the information in your organisation? If not, what changes do you need to make?

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Managing Director

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