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Multi tasking Business Woman

Here’s Why You Need To Create “Hybrid Jobs”…

Multi tasking Business WomanMost of us know the benefits of hybrid cars – they require less money for petrol and are better for the environment.

However, not many are familiar with what hybrid jobs are, or their benefits to the employer and the employee alike. Learn More


What Legacy Would You Like To Leave?


A recent British radio series invited people to discuss their life’s legacy and discuss what they would like to be remembered for. It set me thinking: What would you like to be remembered for when you leave your current position? (always assuming that it may happen in the future!)

Many managers I speak to rarely think past the next campaign or project, never mind what the distant future may hold! But I always believe that your present creates your future, so what you do today will naturally build your destiny. Learn More

Essential Job Skills

I’ve been asked several times exactly what skills I’m talking about when we discuss the importance of technical skills, communication skills, or any of the other myriad of skills you need to succeed. While technical skills very from job to job, don’t get stuck in a rut by telling yourself that you only need “technical” skills if you’re working in an information technology environment. This simply isn’t true.

When it comes to functionality, there are quite a number of skill sets that can fall under the umbrella of essential job skills. Here’s a short list of essential job skills you should be looking for not only in yourself, but in your teammates and potential new employees as well. Learn More