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emotional intelligence

Is Emotional Intelligence Just A Buzzword, Or Do All Managers Need It?

emotional intelligenceWhen interviewing possible managers to fill an empty position, leaders often assess a person’s overall intelligence (such as their IQ levels) and their industry-specific intelligence.

However, many fail to screen for one vital aspect of their acumen – emotional intelligence.

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Happy Successful Multiracia

3 Ways To Look Natural When Motivating Your Team (Without Being Cringey!)

Happy Successful MultiraciaOne of the manager’s most important tasks is to motivate their team on a daily basis.

Regardless of how hard the leader works, if the team is slacking off, productivity will be down.

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remote controller

3 Absolute Must-See Movies For Every Entrepreneur

remote controllerMany entrepreneurs look for inspiration in their management styles – from books, seminars and blogs.

Tips on running your business, dealing with staff, making decisions and learning better ways to communicate can come from any source, especially ones that you can enjoy, such as movies! Learn More


3 Strategies That Help To Manage Operational Risk


Every single manager has to focus on the possibility of operational risk, which is “the risk of loss resulting from inadequate or failed internal processes, people, and systems, or from external events.”

An earthquake that topples a warehouse, ruining all inventory, is a type of operational risk. Improperly trained employees that cause an accident hurting themselves is another type of operational risk. Learn More

Best Customer Experience

2 Quick Methods That Hugely Improve Customer Experience

Best Customer ExperienceCustomers are what make any business a success or a failure.

You may have the most innovative products or services, but without tailoring them to your clients, you will not make any sales. Learn More


3 Quick Tips On How Leaders Inspire Their Team

thinkingEvery organisation has a manager, or an individual who supervises others in their team.

However, most of these companies do not have a leader, in its truest sense of the world. Learn More

Angry man with smoke coming

3 Quick Tips On Dealing With Irritating Colleagues

Angry man with smoke comingMost of us spend the majority of our day at the office; while working for eight hours can be enough to drive us mad, adding an annoying colleague or two into the mix can definitely affect not just our mood but also our work ethic.

In our personal lives, we may choose to avoid pushy, nosy or overly-talkative friends and neighbours, but at work we simply do not have that choice. Learn More

Young manager with employees

Why Young Managers Should NOT Be Overlooked

Young manager with employeesWhen conjuring up an image of a traditional manager, most people would probably imagine someone who is middle aged.

In fact, many bosses purposely abstain from hiring anyone younger because they can’t imagine these individuals leading staff that would be older than them. Learn More

Choosing the right person

How Do You Spot Leadership Potential In Your Staff?

Choosing the right personAs a manager, you need to form hierarchies among your employees to make your own job easier. Learn More

magic hat with coins

How to ensure MAGIC meetings

magic hat with butterflyMeetings can be testing, even for the most prepared manager, and most people will agree that the amount of time wasted in meetings could be drastically reduced if several steps are taken. And those steps are fairly simple and straightforward.

Tony Jeary talks about running meetings according to the acronym ‘magic’. Trying out these ideas may reduce the time wasted.
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