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3 Tips On Monitoring Work You’ve Delegated (Without Micromanaging!)

two people looking into computerAll managers have found themselves in a situation where they had assigned work to their team only to get it turned in late or not at all, or receive something completely different than what was needed.

You don’t want to micromanage your team and look over their shoulder every step of the way, but you also need to make sure that you are in agreement over what is required.

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3 Must-Listen Podcasts For ALL Managers

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Modern leaders know about the importance of possessing innovating managerial skills to excel in their jobs.

With employees expecting a motivating, exemplary boss – it’s beneficial for every single employer to hone their skills and improve their leadership style.
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3 Ways To Avoid Micromanaging Your Team

Manager watching over employee shoulderSupervising a group of individuals is usually not a smooth process. In an ideal situation, a manager would assign various tasks to the team, and would receive completed work on time. Learn More