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word Coach on paper

How To Train Staff In Customer Service

word Coach on paperCustomer service is imperative for establishing and maintaining a loyal customer base.

In organisations where employees interact with clients directly, managers need to train staff to provide excellent customer service.
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Improve Productivity Handwritt

3 Small Hacks That Will Make You Massively Increase Productivity

Improve Productivity HandwrittWhile many online articles provide tips on how you can beat the mid-week slump, many of us have a hard time simply getting through Monday!

The daily responsibilities we have to face at work just seem overwhelming and the to-do list only keeps growing, which is why many people simply chug along working on one task after another, never seeming to get anything done right or on time.

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man with red book

This Book Will Transform Your Managerial Performance…

man with red bookReading books on management topics is one of the best ways that leaders can constantly better themselves by freshening up their management skills.

A great book to consider reading is called One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson.

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Woman Giving A Sales Pitch

3 Quick Tips On How Entrepreneurs Create A Great Business Pitch

Woman Giving A Sales PitchA startup owner needs the funds to get the business of the ground, grow it and market it to prospective clients.

Few entrepreneurs have the capital required to grow a startup, and they need investors to finance their endeavours. Learn More

smartphone screen

Can Snapchat Help Your Marketing Strategy?

smartphone screenAnother day – another social media platform is making headlines.

This fun app allows users to post short photos videos, called stories, and share them with others, with the content being deleted after 24 hours. Learn More

Youtube Logo On The Apple Macbook

How To Make Your Business Thrive On YouTube

Youtube Logo On The Apple Macbook

Everyone has heard of YouTube; it is likely that you have perused adorable cat videos or sang your heart out to Adele’s latest hit.

However, did you know that YouTube can be a powerful tool in growing your business? Learn More

Global Business

Are You Conducting International Business Effectively?

Global BusinessToday, the majority of businesses are doing work on a global scale.

Even if your offices are in the UK, it is likely that your products are available online; therefore, clients from around the world can purchase them. Learn More

Female boss about to kill employer

How To Deal With These Two Types Of Difficult Employee

Female boss about to kill employerIn a perfect world, all employees would fit into one mould – a worker that listens, follows directions, shows initiative, and cares about their work.

Unfortunately, most leaders can attest that these perfect employees do not exist. Instead, there are all types of staff members, some easier to manage, and others not so much. Learn More

Manager with team behind blindfolded

Do You Know How You Lead Your Team?

Manager with team behind blindfoldedIf you have recently been promoted to a management position, or simply want to reflect on your managerial methods, you should figure out what leadership style you possess. Learn More

shake hands

4 Tips for Preparing for an Appraisal

shake handsA while back I wrote to about the best ways of preparing for an appraisal. Today I’d like to expand on that by adding a few additional items that will help the appraisal process to run a bit smoother.
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