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How To Become A Super-Leader


Mike was adamant that his idea was a good one, and he was determined to make it work in the office. What he hadn’t bargained for was the reaction his team displayed when he announced his ‘great initiative’. The team were distinctly underwhelmed by it all, and, although Mike did his best to manage the situation, the initiative lost its legs, slowed and eventually died. Learn More


Leadership is a Journey, Not a Destination


Many of our management development programmes highlight the ability of managers and leaders to get the best from their teams. Some managers assume that when they have completed a programme that automatically makes them a successful manager, someone to be looked up to, because they now have all this extra knowledge. They think they have ‘made it’.

But becoming a great manager is a journey, a process. It isn’t a destination. Think about your commitment to the type of leader or manager you want to become. Think of the results you want to achieve with those skills and the consequences of not achieving them.

Viewed from this perspective, most managers are simply at base camp on the journey up the mountain, even though they might have been trained.

In fact, after training, most managers say they are further away from the ‘summit’ than they were before they started, because they now recognise the potential they have for advancement and growth, whereas before they thought they were achieving great things are were higher up the climb than they really were.

Great managers create a culture in their team that not only unleashes the talent of their people but builds on that talent, so the team continues to grow and develop. Your job, then, is to release the talent and passion of your team towards your highest priorities.

Among the many outcomes that managers need to accomplish are consistent superior performance from their teams, committed customer loyalty, people who achieve gains and benefits for themselves and the company, and the making of a distinguished contribution to the overall effectiveness of the goals the business is striving to achieve.

Like all journeys, the manager’s trip will be filled with challenges that will severely test, and  goals that will exhilarate. Remember, it’s a process, not a destination.

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Sean McPheat

Managing Director

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