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Group Of Happy Colleagues

3 Quick Tips On Ensuring Your Team Understands The Task In Hand

Group Of Happy Colleagues>How many times have you had an employee miss an important due date because they claimed they didn’t hear you announce the correct one?

Or, how often do your staff members claim they can’t recall you ever mentioning a new project? Learn More

Angry Phone Call

3 Tips On Dealing With An Irate Client Over The Phone

Angry Phone CallNo one likes speaking to an angry person, but this scenario is even more difficult to handle when the person is a client of yours.

This is a unique relationship where you have to tread very carefully to make sure the client is left happy, lest they take their business elsewhere. Learn More

The businessman who is trouble

The 2 Biggest Corporate Social Media Blunders (And How To Avoid Them…)

The businessman who is trouble

Social media advances have made it easier and faster than ever to communicate with clients.

Previously, companies had to put out press releases and wait for them to be picked up by outlets that would then report the news to consumers. Learn More

Sabbatical Leave placard

Is A Sabbatical Best For Your Career?

Sabbatical Leave placardMost full-time employees in the UK are obligated to receive 5.6 weeks (28 days) of paid holiday leave (also known as statutory leave entitlement or annual leave). Learn More

Manager with their team

3 Quick Tips On Improving Your Management Style

Manager with their teamIt is important to always strive to better oneself both personally and professionally.

Leaders should constantly be on the lookout for ways to better their approach to their staff, the more apt the boss is, the more productive workflow will be and the happier employees will become. Learn More

Businessman holding a pocket watch

How To Stop Wasting Time At Work

Businessman holding a pocket watchDo you find yourself staying late at work, or coming in on weekends to finish your job load? An important aspect to consider is if you are truly overworked and boggled down with too much to do, or if you are simply not productive with your time. Learn More


How You Can Benefit From Each Person In Your Team

contentPersonality in the workplace is a hot topic in business, with an array of titles for the “top business personalities” headlined across the financial sections of publications time and again. All of these “energiser” and “stabiliser” pop psych terms are attempting to capture three major personality concepts that psychologists have studied for years. Learn More

Office presentation

Managing Supplier Relationships

I joined a lively debate on a radio phone in recently that asked a similar question to mine above but in connection with entrepreneurs. Not surprisingly most of the contributors were entrepreneurs and nearly all of them had stories of parents or grandparents that were,I joined a lively debate on a radio phone in recently that Learn More