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delegate your work to your employee vector graphic illustration

3 Telltale Signs That You Need To Be Delegating Your Work More

delegate your work to your employee vector graphic illustrationThe whole purpose of having a hierarchy (managers and lower-level employees) at the office is so leaders can have help in getting work done.

One of the most essential tasks of any successful leader is the ability to delegate.

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follow or lead following

2 Ways You Can Turn Your Team From Sheep Into Leaders

follow or lead followingThe most common complaint that all managers have is lack of time to focus on their responsibilities.

It’s not uncommon for leaders to be bombarded with questions and concerns the minute they walk through their office doors, and have to put out fires throughout the day.

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Inspired With Cup Of Fresh

3 Things ALL Successful People Do At The Weekend

Inspired With Cup Of FreshThere are so many articles with advice on how successful people work – tips on how to organise one’s time, how to delegate, how to make decisions and how to lead others – but what do these individuals do on their time off?

Are their weekends filled with different activities than the rest of us? Learn More

Automation Process

Why Your Business SHOULDN’T Use Automation

Automation ProcessAutomation can provide great benefits in the fields of customer service, marketing, manufacturing, accounting and sales. Learn More

Cartoon holding NO sign

How To Say “No” Without Crushing Morale

Cartoon holding NO signHow do you think you would feel if you had offered countless suggestions to another person, only to have all of them rejected?

You would likely start to realise that your opinions are not valued or wanted, and would eventually stop offering them. Learn More

GOAL spelt on table

How To Write A Mission Statement For Your Company

GOAL spelt on tableWhen starting a new company, or being hired at the forefront of a firm’s opening, you will need to complete a list of preliminary items.

First, you need to decide on a name, website and logo. You will need to figure out what items or services you will be selling, and what your unique angle is. Learn More