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Business woman using laptop

Why You SHOULD Give Unlimited Holidays To Your Staff

Business woman using laptopHow would you feel about your employees deciding when and how long their holiday leave should be?

Most organisations not only track how much of their annual leave employees use, they track their daily hours. Learn More

Training Their Team

2 Methods ALL Managers Must Introduce When Training Their Team

Training Their TeamAs change is ever present in the corporate world, so are training sessions.

Although some companies only invest in training new candidates when they join the team, training should be continuous. Learn More

Half Full Or Half Empty

Is Having Pessimistic Staff Actually A GOOD Thing?

Half Full Or Half EmptyIf you manage a “glass half empty” person, you likely have faced some challenges.

Most offices have that individual that comes into work in the morning angry at the world, and leaves even angrier. Learn More

choose one man

3 Ways To Stand Out From The Competition During The Recruitment Process

choose one manAlthough an interview with a potential new employer can be an exciting, yet stressful time for you, it is usually not the same for hiring managers and recruiters.

While you may be waiting for your chance to impress, they likely spend their days interviewing candidate after candidate. Learn More

Businessman holding a calculator

2 Ways You Can Give Strategic Bonuses To Your Team

Businessman holding a calculatorMany organisations reward their employees annually with a bonus in addition to their regular salary.

When questioned, most bosses reply that they give out bonuses to thank their staff for their hard work, and improve employee retention. Learn More